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MOBILE BUlk Emulsion Plant

The EEA mobile bulk emulsion module contains all the equipment necessary to produce bulk emulsion formulations and chemical gassing solutions at standard rates up to 15 metric tonnes per hour.  Higher production rates can be configured according to individual customer requirements.
The modular plant can be configured to suit varying customer requirements including production rates, raw material inputs and product formulations. 
The production line is engineered to operate at peak levels of efficiency and safety in accordance with international standards.
19 modular bulk emulsion plants have been commissioned into service since 2012.


FIXED Bulk Emulsion Plant

With advanced static emulsification technology and continuous production, the EXPLOENERGY bulk emulsion plant is used for continuous, automatic manufacturing of bulk ammonium nitrate based emulsion.  The EXPLOENERGY bulk emulsion plant is capable of production capacities up to 30 metric tonnes per hour.
Incorporating high levels of intrinsic safety, the control system of the EXPLOENERGY bulk emulsion plant includes power control, PLC control system, video recording, and a variety of sensors and controllers.  It is suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions, including indoor applications in extremely cold areas.
The composition of oxidizer phase and fuel phase are strictly controlled according to the formulation inputs and an emulsion matrix of stable quality is produced.  Production controls using frequency converting control on the oxidizer phase, fuel phase and emulsion system, mass flowmeter monitoring and PID closed loop control on flow and temperature ensure that the output meets the desired formulation parameters.
The production process is protected by alerts and interlock protection features on over temperature, over pressure, liquid level and density.  Recorded data and video are saved and displayed at the control station through networked communication protocols.

Packaged  Emuslion Plant.png


The EEA packaged emulsion production line contains all equipment necessary to produce packaged emulsion cartridges at standard rates of 2.4-12 metric tons per hour. Other rates outside of this range are possible according to customer requirements. Cartridges may be produced in diameters of 25-150mm, and lengths of 160-485mm. The production line can be configured to suit requirements according to production rate, raw material inputs, and product formulations and is engineered to operate at peak levels of efficiency and safety. The production line includes explosion proof motors and wiring, stainless jacketed piping, custom stainless conveyor assemblies, and a PC-based control system utilizing the latest industrial automation technology from leading brands such as Siemens and Endress+Hauser. The sensor and control technology allow it to achieve accurate and consistent performance. Safety interlocks are in place to monitor critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, level, and electrical current. In the event of an abnormal situation, the control system will take appropriate precautions and alert designated personnel.